Taking Care of Your Home

The Impact of Peace of Mind

The true impact that often overlooked daily essentials have on our head game is immense.  Yesterday I watched Shaun White get ready for his Olympic Gold Metal Winning Run.  He was visualizing his run.  You could see his eyes piecing together his run in his head.  It was awesome seeing him win, but even better trying to understand the raw mental strength that he needed to have after suffering a brutal fall just months ago.  His fall resulted in 62 stitches in his face.  I absolutely love seeing him comeback from that.

So, what’s that mean for me?

We need to get back to the basics here!

  • You’ve got to get your calendar set the night before.
  • You’ve got to find time to workout 3x a week
  • You’ve got to take care of yourself, brush your teeth, eat decent meals
  • You’ve got to take care of your home.

One thing that I notice with entrepreneurs that are in the beginning stages of development is that they just focus on business.  I’ve done that.  Heck, we’ve all counted up the hours in the day to figure out how much more time we can spend on our craft.  The problem is that our head game, our mental toughness or attitude, as some people refer to it as… well it goes to shit.  One thing that I’ve personally made an effort to doing is to cut out all the crap.

Cut out all the activities that don’t make you money or make you better.  You’ve got to workout because you’re sending those endorphins rushing through your brain.  You’ll be down right quicker in your sales game if you’ve got a good workout in that morning.  Next, you’ve got to eat well.  I know what you’re thinking… but healthy food is expensive!  Think of it like an investment.  Invest in you.  Take care of YOU.  If you’re going to charge a gazillion dollars for your service you’ve got to be on your “A” game.

Landscaped front yard of a house with flowers and green lawn

Think of things that you can cut out personally.  You can certainly get rid of the landscaping you do on a regular basis.  You know that 3 hours you spend every Sunday mowing your grass?  That time is easily bought back.  All you’ve got to do is find a landscaper and they’ll do the rest.  The problem is that many people don’t value their time enough.  You’ve got to start really valuing your time.  It’s the only asset that you’ve got that you can’t get back!  Heck, if you’re married…  hire a local landscape design specialist to help create the perfect landscape.  Having a perfectly designed back yard is amazing.  It really adds a certain beauty to your home that’s totally worth the money.  Plus, you’re wife will love it!  You’ll also have that time back.  Think about never having to weed your beds, trim your grass or prune your bushes again.

Wrapping things up.  Take care of yourself.  Buy your time back.

Until next time, BB signing off.

Get that win!!