Uncle G

You know my Uncle G?


If you don’t know my uncle..  you will in a moment.  When I first read the book 10X by Grant Cardone I was blown away.  I found myself listening to this book at a very hard time in my life.  I had just bought into a real estate course only to get shut down by parents because they deemed it as a bad idea.  They probably think I’m stupid.  It’s the truth.  It hurts.  Just putting this out there bring tears to my eyes, because they’ve done nothing but support my brother in his endeavors while never support me.

As Grant says… Don’t be a little bitch!

Damn right.

I’ll be writing about my 10X Journey.  I highly recommend that you purchase the book yourself, but I know that one post from me isn’t going to change your mind.

Here’s a quick explainer video on the 10X Rule.

Amazing right?

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